The following property transfers were recorded in the Registry of Deeds from March 30-April 5, 2018:

Danielle deBenedictis to The Ackabbey Nominee Trust: 2 Sasachumet Lane, vacant land, 1.58 acres, $2,500,000.

MHD Partners Real Estate LLC to Gustavo Kinrys and Irena Cafasso: 4 Goose Cove Way, dwelling, .93 acres, $2,100,000.

The George F. Korn Living Trust to John F. D’Avella and Denise A. D’Avella: 14 Pleasant St., dwelling, .09 acres, $1,715,000.

Laurance J. Guido to Carl and Sharon Nielsen: 90 Baxter Road, dwelling, .46 acres, $1,480,000.

The following property transfers were recorded in the Registry of Deeds from Feb. 2-8, 2018:

MBC Trust to Melissa Cafritz Management Trust: 47 Hulbert Ave., .18 acres (two-sixths interest), dwelling, $5,933,433.33.

Moonlight Dance LLC to Lauren Dayya: 8 Nobadeer Ave., .93 acres, dwelling, $5,495,000.

Holdgate Family Limited Partnership to Buck Hollow LLC: Lots 26-37, Buck Hollow and Fawn Lane, 1.84 acres, vacant land, $3,625,000.

Believe it or not Spring is on the way (as of 12:15pm, Tuesday March 3/20 to be exact). After a winter of frozen waves and record cold and snow it nice to look forward to longer days and warmer temps. Whether you're a local or visitor to this great island Spring on Nantucket can't be missed. The annual Nantucket Daffodil Festival is a favorite among locals and visitors. 

While inventory at this time is lower than it has been in March for the previous 2 years, sales are continuing to outpace, up 35% from last year YTD. With inventory lower and demand increasing average and median home prices have increased. For sellers this translates into a great time to sell your home, especially early spring before the seasonal influx of properties come on the market.

There are times when our little island is nestled under a heavy blanket of fog for days on end. Every 10 seconds, the Brant Point Lighthouse foghorn bellows over the sea ensuring safe passage for approaching vessels in the low visibility. This nostalgic and wistful sound is one that harkens back to days of Nantucket yore, and it is a frequent and familiar sound to us indeed. Every day this week has been gloomy and many of us are beginning to wonder when we will see the sun again.

If you are a year-rounder on Nantucket, you can count on many fingers and toes the number of times you have been asked, “What are the winters like on island?” And it is a very valid question indeed. Vacationing on Nantucket in the summer is deemed the quintessential seaside experience by travelers all around the world. Come July and August, Nantucket has fully bloomed and is bustling and buzzing with vacationers and day-trippers aplenty. But what many are curious to know is what island life is like the other 10 months of the year.

Our webcam is located at our office on Main Street, Downtown Nantucket.

Madaket, with it's tranquil harbor and tidal flats was where the first European settlers of Nantucket landed in 1659. Over the years the area served as a farming and fishing community, until modern transportation transformed it into an idyllic vacation spot.

One of the many amazing aspects Nantucket is the diversity of activities that are available throughout the summer. Whatever your kids are into chances are you'll find it on Nantucket. Try one or try them all we're sure your kids (and you) will enjoy them!


Did you know that Nantucket is a leader in recycling? Your cooperation with Waste Options and the Nantucket Landfill regulations will ensure the preservation of this beautiful island.


Sort in the following manner:


Food, tissues, receipts, toothpaste containers, etc. Is considered trash and can be disposed of in a clear plastic bag


Must be rinsed and recycled alone in a clear plastic bag


Must be rinsed and can be recycled together in a clear plastic bag


Must be tied or recycled alone in a clear plastic bag


Must be tied or recycled alone into a clear plastic bag


Must be broken down flat and free of debris. It does not have to be bagged, but stacked or tied


Must be folded and put inside one another

$200 Security Deposit Deduction For Not Recycling


CHECK IN TIME: No Earlier than 3:00 P.M.  

An earlier check in may not give the cleaning service adequate time to properly prepare the house for your occupancy.

Condition of Rental:  If you are not satisfied with the condition or cleanliness of the house or you find there is any damage upon arrival, you must notify your agent within 24 hours of your arrival.

Caretaker:  Should problems arise, PLEASE CONTACT THE CARETAKER DIRECTLY.  If the telephone number is not listed on the premises, please call our office at (508) 228-1881 for the number.


CHECK OUT TIME: No Later than 9:00A.M.  

Please observe the checkout time as the cleaners will arrive to prepare for the next tenants. 

Keys:  PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE KEYS WITH MAURY PEOPLE TAGS IN THE HOUSE.  All keys must be returned to our office.  Please drop the keys in the wooden lockbox at 37 Main Street.  Contact the office for the lockbox code (508) 228-1881.  There will be a charge of $25.00 for each key that is not returned.

Cleaning:  If you desire additional cleaning during your stay, or have questions regarding cleaning, contact your agent. Your rental includes a normal cleaning upon departure.  If extra cleaning is required, the cost will be deducted from your security deposit. To ensure that the cleaning costs do not exceed the normal included amount, we ask that you do the following minimal tasks before you depart the property:

  • Tidy up the rooms before you leave.
  • Please strip the beds that you have used.
  • Please do as much laundry as you can before your departure. This will considerably cut down cleaning time.  DO NOT make up the beds; put clean, folded linens on the foot of the bed.
  • Start the dishwasher.
  • Empty the refrigerator and be sure your trash and recyclables are properly sorted in the bins or barrels provided.  Nantucket has a very strict recycling policy and the rubbish service will not take your trash if it is not properly sorted. This will result in a $200 charge that will be deducted from your security deposit. 

Security Deposit:  Your security deposit minus any necessary deductions, accompanied by appropriate invoices, will be sent to you no later than 60 days after your departure date in accordance with Massachusetts state laws.


Air Conditioning: If your house is equipped with Central Air Conditioning please make sure that while the AC is turned on that all windows and doors are closed. If the windows are left open the system will freeze up and it could take several days to thaw. You also might be responsible for the cost to repair the system.

Telephone: There is no charge for on-island calls. All local numbers require 10-digit dialing with area code (508). 

Barbeque Grills:  Please turn nozzle to CLOSE on propane tank after every use. Please make sure coals are completely cooled before disposal. Please clean grill after each use.  Please contact the caretaker if you find the grill tank is out of propane.  There may be a second tank of propane or the caretaker can provide a full tank. 

WI-FI Codes:  Most Wi-Fi codes are posted in the house.  It may be posted on the refrigerator, near the router, or in a house manual.

Trash:  DO NOT MOVE OUTDOOR TRASH BINS.  A private trash service, disposes of properly sorted trash and recyclables during your stay.  If you require extra trash removal during your stay, contact your caretaker.


A quick search on Kayak shows that there are some great prices on flights right now. Depending on where you're coming from flights are starting at $97 round trip from Boston, MA. Sites like Kayak and even the airline sites themselves typically offer an alert service that will notify you via email when flights go on sale. This can be an easy way to get a great deal on your next trip to Nantucket.

If you're looking to rent a vacation home on Nantucket but don't know where to start, you're not alone.

Recently the Internet has exploded with a number of website designed to make your search easier, but more often than not people find themselves overwhelmed by the volume of information available. Finding the perfect beach house or vacation villa isn't easy, but there are resources that can help guarantee you get the vacation you want.

UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE:  We know you get tired of seeing emails from us in your inbox but it is critical that we have current information on your rates, open dates, and any changes to your home. Call (508-228-1881) or email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. anytime. 

'Buy Local' is a popular rallying cry these days but here on the island it's more than just a passing fad. And the annual Christmas Stroll is a perfect example, since 1973 local merchants have been keeping their shops open late on the first Friday in December to celebrate the season. The first Stroll, was only three hours in duration but by all accounts it was a huge success. Over the years, the event has grown to become a nationally-renowned holiday event.

The Eastern Shore of Nantucket includes several of the islands more remote beaches. The Eastern shore starts with the amazingly beautiful Coskata/Coatue and runs the length of the island ending with at the wide open easy to access Sconset beach. Access can be an issue on the Eastern shore please plan accordingly as may of the beaches require beach permits and 4 wheel drive to reach them.

The South Shore of Nantucket offers some of the finest beaches in the in the world. The following list is just a sample and include Surfside, Miacomet, Cisco, Tom Nevers and Nobadeer beaches. The South Shore does face open ocean swells making it popular for those seeking waves, but also more prone to rip currents. 

Nantucket offers some of the finest beaches in the eastern United States, from the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge on it's northeastern shore to beautiful Madaket on it's western shore. Nantucket beaches have something for everyone, with protected beaches along the north shore to open ocean beaches along the south shore for those interested in catching a few waves.

The historic and idyllic village of Siasconset or as it's known to locals Sconset. A self contained community that has managed to maintain many of it's period charms. Founded over 300 years ago as a whaling outpost, Sconset is best known for it's timeless architecture and unique natural beauty.

According to the National Association of Realtors 18% of homes purchased in the Northeast in 2014 where either vacation or investment properties. The report goes on to detail that 31% of those sales were made with the intent of eventually converting into primary residences.